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Serving Tray Technology Advances with HandiTray Plastic Serving Trays

Have you ever had to juggle food and a drink at a social gathering? Problem solved. HandiTrays are a quirky, unique and innovative way to solve an age old problem. Brilliantly engineered and designed to hold a paper plate, plastic cup and a salad bowl, HandiTray truly functions for a standing-room-only party. Every host loves a successful party. But as many people know spills and plate falls can be an embarrassment to any function. Nothing like an employee who just dropped a plateful of cake all over the bosses desk at a lunch meeting or office party or even worse, the red wine glass falling on the white couch during the Christmas party. No more flat trays that allow food or drinks to slide off and spill on the carpet.

Handitray serving trays hold everything securely. You can even set the HandiTray down on the table or on your lap.

Serving tray technology has not changed much in the last few centuries. Kings and queens loved to be handed an item they need from the servants on a silver platter tray. Thus the famous expression "life handed to you on a silver platter." The dinner plate is the next solution to the stand while you eat scenario. Everyone has been there - trying to manage a plate AND a drinking glass while meeting and greeting other guests becomes a virtual juggling act as you try to shuffle everything around with two hands. Maybe fear of germs and ease of access make trays the preferred platform for food in restaurants. There is a dash of class in having your food served on a tray. The HandiTray is the 21st century answer to a age old problem. Most serving tray designs are usually flat with 2 side hand holders. The issue arises if you have to hold a drink and a plate or bowl and most often you are left with a balancing act to compensate for items that slide. Add some kids and a spill is imminent.

HandiTray is a serving tray design created on a sophisticated CAD system that is engineered to hold any Hefty type party cup, even a wine glass or champagne flute. It's perfect for any party, catered event, office party or birthday parties. Have your friends gawking at the serving tray during your next BBQ or outdoor event such as a music concert. Handitray's two level serving tray is the future of entertainment.

Order yours today directly from http://www.HandiTray.com. Accept no substitutes. HandiTray invention is original and comes in 5 different colors, Red, White, Blue, Green and Black. White and Black work well for wedding party items or new years eve party items. Red, White and Blue work great for patriotic 4th of July parties with fireworks. Any specific color work for an NFL team and a Superbowl party.

We even offer the option to print messages or logos directly onto the HandiTray. (Special order only - please contact us for more information.)

Rugged design and superior engineering make HandiTray last for years and is commercial dishwasher safe. Easily stacks for storage and can be kept with your Tupperware or other Rubbermaid plastic storage containers. Buy yours today and your friends will all like you on Facebook. Go to http://www.HandiTray.com for easy online ordering. Shipping Included for all U.S. orders!


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